About me
My name is Nazneen Rupawalla and I am a Security Consultant at ThoughtWorks living in Pune, India. I am also an Android App Development Enthusiast, Privacy Conscious and Security Enthusiast.
I believe in being a life long learner and learn best when I write it down as it helps with thinking critically and questions my understanding. Sharing it with others strengthens my understanding. I will use this space to share my lessons while I solve the requirements at hand as part of my role. I have blogged about writing secure Android apps and a couple of technical tips that may be handy. I am in love with the L&D space, interested in change management, love mysteries and a lifelong learner. I enjoy swimming, dancing and traveling. I have recently started blogging about my travel which can be read here. I love trying out different cuisines and have interest in numismatics.
I can be reached at Twitter or Linkedin if you want to share more ideas, have suggestions around my notes and blogs. You can also share your suggestions by creating a pull request on the repository.
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